Frequently Asked Questions

People looking for a financial advisor have many questions. Here are some of the questions I’m most frequently asked.

With what type of clients have you worked?

Here are some examples of client situations with which I have experience:

  • Intergenerational families passing wealth and responsibility from one generation to the next
  • Couples and singles in transition from working to retirement
  • Adult children helping aging or ill parents
  • Families building their careers and planning ahead for college and retirement
  • Retirees intent on making sure their savings last for their lifetime
  • Women and men in transition due to divorce, death of spouse, career change
  • Couples or partners with different financial priorities

You can find a few case studies here.

I’m satisfied managing my own investments. May I purchase financial planning without investment management services?

Absolutely! I’m happy to help you create and implement a financial plan.

May I purchase investment management services without an initial financial plan?

No. The initial financial plan is a road map that identifies where you are and where you want to go. Without that information, I cannot help you build an effective investment strategy.

I’ve had financial plans done in the past. Do I really need a new one?

It depends. We’ll discuss where you are today compared with your circumstances when your last financial plan was created. Many changes can impact your financial plan – tax laws, the economy, inflation, interest rates, the stock market, the amount you are actually able to save, your actual expenses, your health, your family, etc. The more changes that have occurred since your last financial plan, the more valuable a new plan will be for you.

What if I decide not to implement one of your recommendations?

It’s your life and your money, and it’s always your choice. It’s my job to provide information to you that will help you make choices to live the vibrant life you desire. I’ll show you the potential outcomes of taking action or not taking action on my recommendations so that you can make an informed decision. In the end, the choice is always yours!

How or where do we meet?

Like many businesses today, I do not have a brick and mortar office. If our mutual locations make it possible, I’m happy to meet with you at a quiet location convenient to both of us. I also take advantage of the exceptional tech tools that are available for scheduling and communicating to very successfully meet remotely with you via telephone and video conferencing. This gives us the most flexibility in meeting at times that are mutually convenient, even outside of “normal” business hours. Security is of utmost importance, and I will insure that any personally identifiable information is shared only via secure avenues whether in person or remotely.

Do you prepare taxes and estate plans?

No. Your comprehensive financial plan may include items that are appropriate to discuss with your CPA or estate planning attorney. With your permission, I will provide to them any information that will be helpful in consultations with them. I believe that you get the best outcome when all of your professional advisors work together for your benefit.

Do you sell investment and/or insurance products?

No. As part of your financial plan and investment plan, I may recommend that you purchase a type of product or a specific investment. However, I receive no compensation for doing so. I recommend only what I believe to be in your best interest.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. I am required to always act in your best interest. You can check the details of my registration here.

Why are there no testimonials on your website?

Vibrant Life Financial Planning, LLC is a registered investment advisor. Regulations prohibit the use of testimonials in marketing the services of the firm. I encourage you to refer to the information about my credentials for information about certification requirements, continuing education, and oversight.


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