Who is on your bucket list?

My cousins are scattered across the country. Sometimes our paths cross when we’re back home in Kansas, or elsewhere in the U.S. when we’re traveling for work or pleasure. Those times are sweet reunions filled with engaging joyful enthusiastic conversation, warm hugs, and promises to “see you again soon”.

Not long ago, I was talking with Becky who lives in Colorado. As we wrapped up, I invited her to visit me any time in Chicago.

“I definitely will”, she said. “You are on my bucket list!”

Wow! Powerful!

Up to that moment I had thought about “bucket list” in conventional terms – things to see or do before I die.

Becky turned that notion on its head. She didn’t say that Chicago is on her bucket list. She didn’t say that seeing Navy Pier, the Art Institute, the Chicago Botanic Garden, or shopping the Miracle Mile, or any other of the multitude of things to see or do were on her bucket list.

She said that I am on her bucket list. I felt treasured.

No doubt I’m not the only person on Becky’s bucket list. That’s how she thinks about what (who) is important in her life.

Why wouldn’t all of us want to include people on our bucket lists?

If you have a bucket list….

  1. Does it include who as well as what?
  2. Consider whether it reflects your current priorities.
  3. Divide it into two groups: “I absolutely must!” and “If I have time and money…”
  4. Review your bucket list every year (your birthday is a great time), delete anything that is no longer a priority, and add what (who!) is.

If you do not yet have a bucket list, grab a napkin and a pen (or paper, or your journal, or Evernote, or One Note), and start one.

Be sure your list includes the what and who that make your life vibrant!

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