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2016-08-06-08-08-14I’m a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend of many amazing people across the country.  I love the change of seasons in the Midwest, long walks, pot-luck dinners, TED talks, and the views from mountain tops and lake shores. The sounds of a live orchestra fill my soul, and hearing “Grandma” from the three sweetest grandchildren ever melts my heart!

I’m also a knowledgeable financial advisor who can simplify the complexities of financial planning and investing.*

For 24 years, I created financial plans and implemented investment portfolios for affluent and high-net-worth clients at a highly respected Registered Investment Advisory firm in Michigan. In addition to building long-lasting trusted client relationships, I was a member of the firm’s Investment, Compliance, and Strategic Planning committees; conducted human resource activities; and managed other business activities to keep the firm running smoothly as it grew from three to nineteen staff members.

I collaborated with estate planning attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals for the benefit of my clients.

I also enjoyed community-building activities, and held leadership positions with organizations including Northeastern Michigan Estate Planning Council, United Way, the Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra, and Boy Scouts of America.

It was a very satisfying career, and I loved the Michigan community where I worked and lived.

However, I missed my children!

It had become clear that none of my three sons, who are now adults with their own beautiful families and are established in their own careers, were likely to move back to Michigan.

So, like many parents and grandparents, I decided to relocate and reestablish. I closed the geographic gap by moving closer to one of my sons. I reestablished my career from Chicago’s North Shore by founding Vibrant Life Financial Planning, LLC.

Now I continue to work with my favorite type of people – people like you who want to live a vibrant life, who value a relationship with a knowledgeable financial advisor, and who want the complexities of financial planning and investing simplified so they can understand it.

“Relocating and reestablishing” also brought about another trade-off for me: Instead of community-building activities, I’m now hosting sleepovers at Grandma’s and outings to the park. I couldn’t be happier!

Are you ready to live your most vibrant life with the resources you have? Let’s work together to discover your options and make it happen!

*You can check out my credentials here.

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